This Week My Brand New Show: STORIES Vol. 1

I’m excited and completely terrified as STORIES VOL 1 comes to life this week. It’s a combination of 21 actors, 1 short musical, and 9 dramatic sketches including my first ever devised theatre piece.

I get to do this all in our brand new auditorium. The inaugural show! I’m running ragged these days as any theatre director will know. I’m barely keeping up with everything on my to-do list. But I did have time to snap a couple shots of rehearsals which also shows off those beautiful Source 4 LED lights.

Opening night April 24.

Waleed & Ahla reprising roles in the award-winning “No in Spite of Itself.”
7 brand new stories and 2 older ones.
Ahmed flying in a rehearsal of our devised piece “Second Chances.”

Great Review of A PARTING IN THE SKY

Author Colleen Chesebro posted her review of book 3 of The Forgotten Child Trilogy.

She started her review by saying:

“The final book in The Forgotten Child series, “A Parting in the Sky,” wraps up this saga with everything I had hoped for and even more. This unusual series blends magical realism into a high octane adventure. I guarantee you’ve never read a similar series. I know I haven’t!”

Towards the end of the review, she had this to say:

“I’ve been a fan of Mark Sasse’s fiction for a few years now. The Forgotten Child Trilogy has captured my imagination and my heart.”

Please head on over to her website to read her thorough review of the book, which also links to her reviews for book 1 and book 2.  READ ENTIRE VIEW HERE!

So, if you sick of the same type of read. Try something different: READ THE COMPLETE SERIES HERE!


Boh on Bose, Tea & Music

I have concluded this: Boh Tea is my favorite in the world.

Boh is grown in the lush Malaysian Cameron Highlands, and I started drinking it when I lived in Penang.  I eventually was hooked on unsweetened Boh black tea.  Smooth and flavorful.

I really started missing Boh tea when I moved to Saudi Arabia. I tried a wide variety of teas and eventually settled on a brand name Ahmad tea based out of London. I liked it, and I was happy.

One day, I discovered on Amazon that they sell Boh tea. I was ecstatic and told my kids that’s what I wanted for Christmas. So, sure enough, I unwrapped a bunch of Boh tea boxes which were under the Christmas tree.  I ended up bringing back 16 boxes of Boh tea.

The first thing I did was a taste test – Ahmad Tea beside Boh Tea.

I tried Ahmad. “Okay, that’s good.”

And then I tried the Boh again for the first time. “Wow! Oh my goodness. Throw out the Ahmad!”

Boh blew it away. Flavor – rich & smooth with hints of green tea – so much flavor and I finally remembered why I liked it so much.

The smooth rich flavors of the tea mix so perfectly well with the smooth rich sounds of the Bose, so whether I’m punching out words on my computer or cooking in the kitchen, the Boh and Bose tandem are there to keep me company.

If you are a tea lover, give Boh a try. I am not a paid endorser. I buy the stuff by the Boht load.

So here they are, the perfect pair:

Boh Sitting on Top its Buddy Bose



And here’s a photo I took of the Boh plantation in Malaysia when I visited a few years back.



First Review: A PARTING IN THE SKY (Forgotten Child Trilogy Book 3)

Book reviewer Michelle Clements James has become the first reviewer of A Parting in the Sky which releases on March 20, 2019.

In part, she says:

“With colorful characters and vivid scenes, the story has a bit of everything–riveting suspense, sensational action, plausible crime, and mystifying fantasy. I was genuinely sorry to finish reading A Parting in the Sky.”


“[Sasse’s] work flows smoothly, and the carefully crafted characters and engaging plot jump off the page.”

Please head on over to her site to read the ENTIRE REVIEW.

A PARTING IN THE SKY – Kindle version on PRE-ORDER HERE!  

KINDLE and paperback versions live on March 20.



Limited Time. Free on Kindle. The Forgotten Child Trilogy Book 1

Limited Time. Free on Kindle. The Forgotten Child Trilogy Book 1

I’m excited to offer A MAN TOO OLD FOR A PLACE TOO FAR free on Kindle through February 25th!

Get your free copy from Amazon HERE!

Amazon UK HERE!

Amazon Australia HERE!

Amazon Canada HERE!

Amazon India HERE!


What’s most exciting to me is that the story will SOON be complete. The final book – A PARTING IN THE SKY – is releasing next month. So this is a great time to start the story.

Enjoy! Pass the Word! And don’t forget to leave a review!

facebook forgotten child 3


I Agree with Cuomo !?!

As a New York state resident, I don’t often utter the words “I agree with Governor Cuomo.” But I do this weekend.

Cuomo blasted New York city politicians, including the socialist troubadour and media-darling Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (I still believe THIS should be real) for causing Amazon to pull out of the intended construction of a new Amazon headquarters in Long Island City, Queens. Amazon was concerned about having a hostile relationship with local politicians who didn’t want them to come. So Amazon left, before they ever arrived. Who can blame them?

What is so offensive with Amazon which would cause certain politicians to spurn them?

It’s very simple: success. Amazon is an online behemoth, the envy of every of other online retailer. It has made Amazon founder Jeff Bezos the wealthiest man in the world. He’s the symbol of everything wrong about capitalism, according to some politicians. He’s wildly successful and has brought up many people along the way, not to mention giving us the easiest shopping experience in the world. (And this independent author is very thankful for Amazon!)

But no, who would want that in your backyard? And the 25,000 good paying jobs. Why would Queens want that?

Wait, I thought those democratic socialists pound the drum for the workers – $15 wages! -!!!! So when the good jobs come knocking on the door like a massive Christmas gift for thousands of workers, naturally you should kick them aside because … because … it makes no logical sense. That’s why.  These politicians see only ideology and don’t really care about what actually helps their constituents.

The politicians were complaining about the 2+ billion tax credits the state was awarding them yet conveniently forgetting about the 25+ billion in tax revenue that Amazon would have created in New York over the next couple of decades.

Beware of short-sighted politicos! Especially short-sighted socialists. The dustbin of history is littered with them.

Please remember this, voters, when you’re looking for a job when AOC is up for election.  I hope she too, in two more years, will be looking for a job.

Thank you, Governor, for calling them out.

There are many people in Arlington, Virginia happy today. Good for them. Bad for us.

A Humble Proposal to Limit Media Time Based on the Land Mass of a Politician’s District

What would happen, I mean, hypothetically, if a politician was given airtime in the media based upon how much land mass the politician represents?

This is, of course, a silly proposition. But let’s play it through for a moment and see if it has any merit.

Let’s suppose, for argument’s sake, that this was true. It would mean that a Senator from Alaska would be given much more airtime than a Senator from Rhode Island.  But would that be so bad? When was the last time you heard much of the thoughts of an Alaskan Senator? Alaska has more than just pristine wilderness and abundant wildlife to contribute to the country.

What about in the House of Representatives?

This would be a boon for the congress person in South Dakota. Does anyone – even a resident from South Dakota – even know who that is? When was the last time a congress person from South Dakota was on CNN or in the headlines on Fox News?

It seems dreadfully unfair, doesn’t it?  Dusty Johnson was just elected to that position. But do we know what Dusty Johnson stands for? Huffington Post, have you even asked? He represents a large mass of land.

On the flip side, and this is perhaps where this modest proposal begins to take shape the most, some congressional districts are very small, tiny even, and so those representatives would only have a tiny say in media discourse under this proposal.

Let’s look at a case study. Let’s use, hmmm, how about Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez, now commonly referred to as AOC, the newly elected representative from New York’s 14th Congressional District.

If we do a little math, we would learn that AOC represents approximately 0.00001 percent of the land mass of the United States. Therefore, under this most humble of proposals, she would be entitled to 0.00001 percent of media time, which would be approximately 5 minutes for the year 2019.

Perhaps this proposal does have some merit after all.