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Take Two – Romantic/Comedy/Musical on sale NOW!

Join the whacky film crew from the “other world” as they  are sent to film the life of Aubrey Culpepper who has serious guy problems.  As Aubrey leaves another man at the altar, things get really wild behind the scenes as the egotistical director Floomenberg keeps changing screenwriter Sneergarble’s script much to the chagrin of the mysterious film producer Zelderphen.  Will Aubrey ever find her true love or is she just a pawn being controlled by the “other world”? With catchy songs and crazy antics, Take Two is a comedic joy ride that is hard to resist.

Take Two: Comedy-Musical Available in Print!

Take Two: Who Directs Your Life – the wild and crazy musical-comedy is finally coming to print.

In this scene, Aubrey (middle right) is getting ready to lose her job as she will shortly lose control and attack her former fiance Humphries (middle left).  Rebecca (LEFT) and Beth (RITE) are the two stereo speakers who provide the soundtrack to Aubrey’s life.

Photo by J. Steffan

Location:  Wawasan Open University Theater, 2010Photo by J. Steffan

Finally, lower prices for paperback!

I’m pleased to announce that the price point for two of my previous plays has been reduced.  Please pass this information along to any drama directors or lovers of drama that you know.

Spy Blue: A Drama in Two Acts and Romans on the Couch are now available in paperback for $6.50 each.

Also, Spy Blue: A Novella is now in paperback for only $4.99.  Of course, you can get it on the Kindle for only $.99.


“Life with Stewart” goes into production

My latest collaborative play “Life with Stewart” heads into production next week with three performances scheduled at the Penang Performing Arts Centre in May.

This coming Monday, I have a 4 hour audition marathon and then Thursday we’ll start rehearsing right away.  I also have eleven talented individuals who make up my production crew in chart of set design and promotion.

Plot?  “Life with Stewart” has the following premise:  Nick Baxter is a bachelor who lives with his grandmother – his only living relative.  On the day of his grandmother’s death, Nick discovers that his grandfather is none other than Nicholas Stewart – a Hollywood film legend.  This revelation coupled with a devious plot hatched by his famous grandfather and  an ambitious, young TV journalist leads to a series of hilarious and poignant scenes as Nick has to wrestle the truth which has shattered his entire world.

“Life with Stewart” takes a critical look at our media saturated, Hollywood driven pop-culture.  It asks big questions about fame, vanity, the pursuit of money, and the enduring power of forgiveness.

From a production stand-point, “Life with Stewart” will certainly have its challenges – especially the sit-com, black and white scene.  I’ll describe this more later.

Set aside these dates on your calendar now:  May 23 – May 26.

Road Less Traveled Dramatic Sketches Now on KINDLE!

I just published on the KINDLE the seven original dramatic sketches that our group the RLT Players have been performing.

These are great for schools, youth groups, churches, & other drama groups who like to perform low-prep, set-free drama productions which are really fun but ultimately meaningful.

They are available for only $1.00.  What a deal!  Please pass this along to anyone who likes drama or wants to go down the road less traveled.

Here’s a brief synopsis of each skit.  The starred ones can be read in their entirety on this blog.  Thanks everyone!

Sketch 1: “A Walk with Robert & Frost” – Traveling companions Robert and Frost the Polar Bear come across two paths which diverge in the woods.
***Sketch 2: “Almighty Might” – A man stands quietly in front of the gate to the presidential palace waiting for a revolution to come.
Sketch 3: “Tutti Fruitti” – Durian and her buddy Jackfruit have to endure the prideful taunts of Mango.
Sketch 4: “Wisdom Builds a House (Folly Destroys It)” – Based on Proverbs 9, Wisdom invites the whole city to her banquet at her grand house on the hill, but Folly has other plans for the night.
***Sketch 5: “(Traffic Jam on) A Highway More Taken” – A strange phenomenon called Traveler Indifference comes over the nation’s citizens who suddenly stop everything they have been doing. Two TV newscasters investigate.
Sketch 6: “Take Me to Your Ruler” – Turmoil erupts in the Kingdom of Stationary as Clip delivers a threat to Ruler from Meter Stick of the Democratic Republic of Office Supplies. Lined Paper and Duct Tape try to save the day.
Sketch 7: “Walk” Explore the different walks of the Hipster, the Ants, the Despair Walker & the Sacrificial Walker