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Writing Excerpts

I will post some writing excerpts from time to time.  They will be listed under PAGES to the right.  I would very much appreciate your comments concerning these.

Check out “Almighty Might”  and “A Highway More Taken” which are both original RLT Players dramatic sketches.  I’ve also posted the first three chapters of “Spy Blue: A Novella.”  Thanks.

Thank the Artists

Before anything else can be said on this blog, I must thank the amazing artists who have used their talents to adorn the covers of much of my writing.

Ji-Hyun Park – Spy Blue

Wan-Leen Siow & K. Wiebe – Take Two

Sophie Shin – A Tad of Trouble

Jacqueline Ashkin – The RLT Players logo

And I just received the artwork draft from Jennifer Park for our new play “Life with Stewart.”  Wow!  It’s amazing.  I’ll post it soon.

Thank you!  I’d be lost without your talents.

Create not Consume

We consume a lot.  Around the holidays, too much.

But we were also made to create.

And that is what this blog is about.  Creativity. Writing. Good-storytelling.

I hope to use this to keep everyone up to date on my most current writing projects and I will also be posting writing excerpts for your feedback.

I hope this blog leads to collaboration, the sharing of ideas, and the continuation of creative inspiration.

May we all step back from our consumer-driven world – to create.