On the First Day of March – Sort of…

I was reminded recently of the following song I wrote for the musical I co-wrote with some individuals a few years ago called “A Tad of Trouble.”   Truly, it’s one of my favorites – who wouldn’t love a musical where a troubled, mute boy is given the gift of song by his guardian angel if he promises to turn his life around.  It’s a HOOT, yet unfortunately remains unpublished.  But here are the lyrics of one of the tunes:


On the first day of March, the harrow lies still

And the leaves long impacted wait the robin’s clear shrill

And the snow half-melted hints to warmth yet to come

In this dim barren world I know good is not done

On the first day of April as the rain sloshes down

And the wheels of the carriage are stuck flush to the ground

And the driver hurls curses at his horses undone

In this mud maddened world I know good is not done

For the mud gives way to the soft fertile ground

And the air in full blossom bring the birds back around

Long fasting, fresh finches wing their hopes to the sky

While fields of green splendor spread their life far and wide

Life whispers then roars out the name of the one

Who anchors the stars and gives warmth to the sun

Mid-March has no answer for the goodness that comes

And it reminds me my work here on earth is not done

On this first day of March while the tricksters still rule

While they scam and they laugh making peasants poor fools

And they cling to their money like a prodigal son

Even then I still know that good is not done

Even now I still know that good is not done

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