Too many dreams in my head

Here’s the problem I have with writing – I have too much to write!

Status check:

1st novel published.

2nd novel finished. Publication date: 2013

3rd novel started. Finish date, summer 2013

4th novel in my head. Start date ?

5th novel?? (I’ll think of something, probably soon.)

There are so many possibilities. I feel inspired by unexpected places, and there are so many destinations yet to explore, so many characters yet to craft, so many settings yet to describe.

Ideas, I have. Time, I do not.

But I must admit that it is MUCH better than the alternative.

Imagine if it was like this: ‘Time, I have. Ideas, I do not.’

For now, I’m content to dream in my head and hope the percolating will enrich the content even more.  Someday, these dreams will be stories.

I can’t wait to see how they turn out.

PS: This doesn’t include my drama writing.  7 full-length plays and 15 short plays completed.  1 new short comedy and 1 short musical recently written. 6 more to go for our fall production.  Then full-length play number 8 to be written in fall 2013.  So much to do! I love it.

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