Workshop Aftermath: Wow, the Ground has Shifted!

I had a great time this evening highlighting the changes in the publishing industry over the last decade or so with a great, responsive group of eager writers trying to best understand the landscape through the eyes of this indie author who is still finding his way.

I greatly enjoyed seeing the shock on the faces of certain attendees who had not been keeping up with how Amazon has completely changed the way the publishing industry is operating – from Print on Demand to KDP to Goodreads to the blogosphere, the resources now at the disposal of writers is truly amazing.

I love the freedom to control my own destiny and I thankful that Amazon has provided this opportunity. I know that they don’t care about me personally, but their business model could not be anymore beneficial for an indie writer.

What a great time to be an author! The world of readers is at our fingertips!

(OK, we all know there are ups and downs in being an indie author. Well, today, I feel, is one of the ‘up’ days! :))


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