This writing excerpt comes from a 10-minute play I wrote which was performed by my amazingly fun drama group – The RLT Players.  The hotshot reporter is interviewing renowned social critic Patricia Cantstandstill to get her take on the strange phenomenon taking place all over town with everyone just stopping their daily routines in order to just “be”.  Let’s listen in:

Hotrod:  Now, some critics have said that a society that goes nowhere leads only to unproductive lives and stagnation.  How would you counter their critique?

PC:  That’s typical, backward, last century kind of thinking.  That’s like saying that life has some grand purpose or design, and we need to work hard to achieve, try, produce, arrive.  That’s traveler mentality. But being mentality is just about being.   And so what you are seeing on Highway 1 is a massive outpouring of traveler indifference.  The government got it right.  It’s that beings no longer feel the need to arrive at destinations because destinations were only false illusions in the first place.  And so travelers or beings by the thousands have just stopped their cars, forgot about their cares, and are just being.

Hotrod:  But what about their responsibilities?  Their work, their school.

PC: That’s all traveler mentality.  It’s not important.  Just be.

Hotrod:  Fascinating stuff, Dr. Cantstandstill the author of “Traveling – the Art of Not Standing Stand – is Soon to be out of Fashion.”  So doctor, I suppose you need to just go be somewhere.

PC:  No, actually, I have a 4 o’clock appointment with my publicist, and then I have a book signing tonight from 6-9 downtown.  So all those who are going to go and meet me tonight, it might be a good idea to find an alternate route since Highway 1 is all blocked with beings.


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