Have you ever seen a TV show or video where, at first glance, it’s abundantly apparent that something is different. The look of the show has an amateurish quality to it; there is no lushness but only harsh contrasts. It seems more like a home video than a professional production. I’m no movie-maker, but I’m fascinated to see how rich and lush certain lenses or filters can create the warm and attractive glow of a movie scene, much in contrast to what I’ve just described.

This is, for me, how I see blog writing. Blogging is simply writing without a lens. I don’t worry much about my word choice or sentence structure. I’m just trying to get a simple idea across in a short amount of time. When I reread the post before publishing, I always find simple mistakes or I’ll notice that I put that dreaded preposition at the end of a sentence or I split my infinitive. I shudder!

But when I sit down to write my stories, everything changes. It’s like I put a professional lens over my writing to help soften the edges, bring a warmth, create a vivid scene, or enrich a character. A certain sentence that ends up being published in one of my stories will go through a series of vetting procedures to make sure it’s exactly what I want. Some sentences will be rewritten and revised many times until reaching the final product. The integrity of the story depends upon it.

But in blogging, excuse my informality. I’m just not using my writing lens.

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