There are Book Covers in a Library

I was sitting in the library with young artist Joyce Lee. She has been tasked with creating the cover artwork and design for my next novel The Recluse Storyteller. I had given her five different images to work with even though it was clear in my mind which one would be on the cover. When she showed me the mock-up of my first image, I thought that it was OK, but I knew right there and then that I didn’t want that to be the cover of my book. It just didn’t feel right – perhaps a little boring – at no fault of the artist – she did what I asked her to do.

Then she showed me a second mock-up from another image. I liked it a lot. It was this crazy picture of a person looking over a balcony with a man lying knocked out on the pavement below. Definitely an interesting image and I could see that being the cover of the book.

But then she flashed the third image on the screen, and it was obviously the right one. The design was so simple, yet had such a strong focal point that just drew me in. I asked a couple other people in the library which they thought was the most stunning. It was unanimous. I have my cover, and I’m very excited about it. Now she is working on fonts and layout.

When we started talking about the back cover for the print version, we mentioned how we would like to see what others have done to tie in the front and back covers of their books. I immediately did a Google search trying to find book cover layouts, when all of the sudden it hit me.

“We are in a library!”

Sometimes things are so obvious that you become oblivious to them.

And so here is the earth-shattering item I was reminded of today: There are book covers in a library.

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