Win a 10-Page Read by a Literary Agent! Yeah, Right.

I received an email from a website advertising their latest book contest that they wanted me, as an indie author, to enter.

I have nothing against book contests. I’ve entered some, but it was the grand prize of this contest that made my stomach curl a little.

The grand prize was this: two literary agents would read the first 10 pages of my novel.

Really? That’s it? How incredibly generous of them! My life as a writer would be validated if I could only get two literary agents to read the first 10 pages of my book. I’m surprised they have time in their hurried schedule of declining queries with callous form letters to even read a whole 10 pages.

I’ve done that, and I’ve moved on.

I’ve taken control of my own writing career and I don’t need some stuffy literary agent to validate my first 10 pages. I have something much better. I have readers. Readers tell me what they think of the WHOLE book, and if they like it, they tell other readers.

So sorry. I think I’ll pass on this contest.

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