A witty and moving script from Des Sim.

An eye-catching and tight production from director Christopher Ling.

And a heart-warming and moving performance from Marina Tan.

Postcards from Rosa is a hit!

This is intimate theater at its best. PenangPAC Stage Two was arranged at an angle so only 80 seats cornered around the stage of faux tile floor with cloth backdrops which became the different settings of Rosa’s life by effective and eye-catching projected images which set the scene very well.

Grandma Rosa talks through her entire life, and it is a fascinating and intimate look at a Peranakan, Straits-Chinese family.

Tan adroitly plays all the characters of her entire life – her stoic father, her jealous step-mother, her children, and grandchildren. However, the centerpiece of the story is set around the unique and special relationship she had with her grandson Benny whom she inspired to see the world. She ends up living his life through the postcards she receives from him.

The play is all about family and the difficult relationships and requirements which come with a typical Chinese family. It’s never easy, but Rosa’s love for her family and her willingness to grow and learn through the years, gives the audience a fascinating cultural ride.

This is a one-woman show with lots of heart, and Tan gives her all in a very believable performance. Highly recommended.

You can catch the show at PenangPAC this weekend and then at the KL Performing Arts Centre starting next week.  Don’t miss it.

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