First Draft of Novel #3 Finished!

What a feeling it is!

I’ve dedicated this past month to writing – spending several hours nearly everyday with the goal of completing my third novel.

I am so thrilled that I’ve reached my goal. It’s amazing looking back over an original manuscript and think through the different twists and turns that it took to get to the finish line.

This is a story I’m super-excited about. It is based on an idea that I originally had more than a dozen years ago. I actually started writing it at one point and got about two pages in and completely abandoned it. Well, things have really changed since then. I couldn’t stop my fingers from flying across the keyboard.

What can I say about it? I can’t say the title because I haven’t decided yet. I have four strong possibilities. Must think more.

This was the first novel I wrote exclusively on Scrivener. I’ll post more on my thoughts about this later.

I can say it has a little of all of the following: romance, war, adventure, tragedy, history, Asian culture, family, fathers & sons,  filial piety, etc…

It’s set in three time periods: 1945, 2000, & present day (third person narration)

It’s the longest novel I’ve ever written weighing in around 80,000 words.

It’s epic in scope. It’s thrilling and shocking. It’s highly emotional.

Hopefully, it has a little something that everyone can love about it.

What’s next? I’ll be doing a complete read-through and 2nd revision, then I’m going to set it aside for a while so I can put together the final draft of The Recluse Storyteller which is coming out in less than three months! I can’t wait.

Once the recluse is ready to tell her story, I’ll get back to #3 and continue revising, building it up to the stage where I’ll send it on to some readers for feedback.

I’m shooting for a target release date for #3 of about one year from now.

I love staggering releases and having an ace up my sleeve.

Thank you, summer, for being a productive one!

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