Directing for Short & Sweet Theatre Penang

I’ve signed on to direct in Short & Sweet Theatre Penang coming up in September.

What is Short & Sweet?

It’s a festival of 10-minute plays, each performed nightly during one week of theatre competition.  I entered as a playwright last year, and my play was fortunate enough to take home the “Audience Choice Award” which was really cool.

This year I’ve decided to direct a play. (Not allowed to choice my own.) Over the weekend I read through the original scripts which were selected by a panel in KL to be in this year’s competition.  I chose the three scripts I would most like to direct and sent my selections to the competition coordinator.

Auditions will be held soon where I’ll get to choose whom I would like for the play.

Then we’ll have weekly rehearsals until the competition begins in September.

The Short & Sweet concept started in Australia a number of years back and has now spread to many parts of the world. It arrived in KL about four years ago and in Penang for the first time last year.

In addition to theatre, Short & Sweet KL will include Musical, Stand-Up Comedy, & Dance. In Penang, dance will be the only additional one.

It’s going to be a lot of fun and I look forward to finding my actors and starting rehearsals.

Come out and see the show if you are going to be around. Here’s a link for Short & Sweet Malaysia:

Short & Sweet Malaysia


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