As far as I can tell, cars have on average about 14,000 moving parts. Complicated to fix? Yes, I think so. And my car knows a thing or two about having its parts moved around on a frequent basis.

Well, my new novel, The Recluse Storyteller, has 56,000 moving parts. As I’m in the final stages of editing and proofreading, I have become more appreciative of a good mechanic who knows how to diagnose a problem and twist parts around to make them flow smoothing and functionally. Oh, if my mechanic could do the same for the words of my novel!

I’m swimming in commas and em-dashes and en-dashes and strangely worded sentences that makes me wonder what I was doing when I wrote that.

I’m manipulating 56,000 parts with the hopes of getting the exact, perfect combination and arrangement to make readers “gasp” in joy when they read.

OK, I’ll settle for them just not throwing their Kindle against the wall!

A novel is a well-oiled machine. When everything is working perfectly, it flows, and pages whip by like the breeze in a Burmese cyclone. 

So I’m playing mechanic, arranging the parts into, hopefully, a smooth and functional, readable machine. 

Gotta love editing!

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