The World Getting Smaller. Day 4: Beauty Rising free on Kindle.

I’m continuously amazed at the reach of Amazon and what it means for indie writers like me. My novel, Beauty Rising, has been downloaded all over the world including the UK, India, Italy, Brazil, Spain, Japan, Germany, and Canada. And I currently sit in Malaysia. The world sure has gotten smaller.

I’ll breakdown the numbers on a future post, but I, as an indie author, have a global reach. In addition to my Kindle free promotions, I have done Goodreads giveaways where I have sent print versions into Indonesia and Vietnam. Isn’t this an amazing time to be an author. There are so many resources available to distribute one’s works worldwide. j

Two days left in my Kindle promotion which has surpassed 6000 downloads in the USA alone. Pass the word along by telling your friends. And if you want to win a free print copy of my second novel, The Recluse Storyteller which is releasing in October, like my facebook page and share one of my Kindle promotion posts with your friends.

Thanks so much for your help!

Beauty Rising for FREE! Click Here!

Sasse Facebook Page – CLICK HERE!



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