On my first trip to KlPAC

Why Does it always feel so good to get away? That’s exactly what my wife and I are doing this weekend.  We flew to Kuala Lumpur to take in the performance of my mini-musical Captured in Time & Space  in the Short & Sweet Musical Festival.

My thoughts?  I don’t know. It’s really strange to see a performance of something you’ve written but weren’t part of the production process. My drama group, The RLT Players, will be performing the same musical in November, so I certainly have  preconceived notions about the script. But I found it’s very interesting to see what someone else envisions for your work.

Overall, I thought the production was good. the actors certainly worked hard at it and they highlighted the themes well. Is it exactly how I would interpret it? No. But that’s the fun in it. Seeing how others view your work. Its been really fun to be part of the process.

After the show, a guy I never met before  came up to me and said, “Are you Mark?” He introduced himself as an actor who is acting in my script for Short & Sweet Theatre KL in a couple of weeks. He’s acting in my script Almighty Might (one of my favorites which you can read right here on my blog).

It’s a ton of fun being here in KL and seeing my writing come to life. I realize how lucky I am.

But I’m much too excited to go to sleep.

Pictures coming tomorrow!









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