The Recluse Storyteller: Meet the Characters, Part I

With one week left before the release of my second novel, I’m pleased to introduce some of the fun and unique characters you’ll meet on this journey. 

Margaret: The recluse who tells stories based on her neighbors.

Michael Cheevers: The jolly loner who lives beside Margaret. He wears a red baseball cap and mainly keeps to himself. But Margaret knows more about him than he thinks.

CHARACTER INSPIRED BY CHEEVERS: Red Hat – The terrorist, who seems to have a mysterious scheme to accomplish but keeps being sidetracked by bizarre things like flying flower pots and yoghurt trucks.

Mrs. Trumble: The snooty neighbor across from Margaret who gets her hand caught in Margaret’s door when trying to return a piece of mis-delivered mail. She declares Margaret a menace and wants her put away.

Janice: Margaret’s aunt, who looks in on her from time to time. She doesn’t know what to do with Margaret, who seemingly keeps slipping away from reality into her stories.

CHARACTER INSPIRED BY JANICE: Janice. In Margaret’s stories, Janice pierces incessantly into the blinding light coming towards her, ready to sacrifice everything for the light.

Priscilla and Florence. In Margaret’s story called Red Hat, they are the hilarious elderly sisters who accidentally drop a flower-pot on Red Hat’s head. This, of course, slows him down.

Chester Tomsey. Chester is Margaret’s boss. He sends work to Margaret over the Internet and she completes various manuals and projects for him in order to make a living. When Margaret’s stories start to affect her work, he does all he can to stop Mrs. Trumble’s witch hunt.

And I’ll even throw in a couple of places:

The Village of To Hap – In Margaret’s story called “The Ridge”, a former Vietnam vet, looking for peace of mind, returns to the Vietnamese village of To Hap where a horrific incident happened during the Vietnam War.

Harper’s Hill (19th century American Midwest) – In Margaret’s story called “The Mark Across the Sky”, the young girl, Georgia, sees a strange mark in the sky. She’s convinced that it means her father is coming home. She encourages her sister to trek to the top of Harper’s Hill, to the lonely crab apple tree, hopeful to witness her father’s return. But she could have never expected to find what she finds.

Tomorrow: Meet Reverend Davies, Reverend Taylor, Mrs. Johnson & her twin girls Sam & Pam. Georgia & Gwen.

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