I Love Watching Students Do Drama

Had a great time tonight watching two one-act plays performed by all high school freshmen and sophomores girls with one junior boy thrown in the mix.

It was a lot of fun. It’s interesting to see the different levels of performance. The newbies who are nervous and wondering how to act on stage after their lines finish. The more experienced ones who steal the show and command attention. The slurred lines and frayed looks. The small production hiccups. It’s raw theater at its best in terms of being raw. There’s something honest about it. And when the moment peaks, the audience finally gets into the act and the rewards are easily visible on their faces.

Curtain calls are, of course, the best. The beaming faces, the sense of accomplishment, the relief, the euphoria, the hi-fives. I’m truly proud of all they accomplished, and I wasn’t even the director, for once. It did feel good just to sit back and enjoy with no other responsibilities.

Have you caught a high school drama recently? Check one out near you. Well worth it.

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