Our new Book Musical!

A book musical is a musical that mixes drama and music into one coherent story. The music is used to express the feelings, desires, and hopes in the context of the story. A book musical is usually divided into three parts: the music, the lyrics, and the book (dramatic script).

We (that being me and a group of young writers) are in the final stages of putting the finishing touches on the book part of our book musical.

The music part still has a long way to go. All of the songs are written, just not scored and recorded. All of the lyrics are basically written, but need polished.

It’s been a great experience trying to create a classical-style musical from scratch. I’ve written some musical drama pieces before, but this was different. I wanted it to have a 1950s feel, but be still set in the modern era. I think we’ve done that. Our musical is set in a fictional ocean town of Summersville. It follows the exploits of a young man, Benedict, who has been stuck working in his aunt’s tourist shop for far too long. A conservative-feminist, Amelia, (I think I made this up) moves in next door to sell a new kind of swimwear which riles up the macho young college boys who also work in the tourist shop. Then we added (with a slight nod to Shakespeare’s “Much Ado About Nothing”) a side bet between Frederick the fisherman and Minnie the ice cream lady. Frederick bets that he can get Amelia to fall in love with Benedict, and if he is right, he finally gets a date with Minnie, whom he has been chasing for thirty years.

Fun songs. Witty language. Awkward situations. It’s going to add up to be a blast when we put it all together.

We have early auditions coming up on December 4-5, final read-through with the writers on Dec 7, and then we start rehearsals in late January for our May show.

It’s going to be a ton of fun!

Oh, I suppose I should give you the musical’s name: “Boardwalk Melodies”

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