I think I may have said this before, but just to hear the voice of Stephanie Van Driesen in the Actor’s Studio’s production of the original musical “Marrying Me” is worth the price of admission alone.

Stephanie, once again, shines as a very likeable character, wanting to be her own person and not to be shackled down by family expectations and obligations in regards to marriage.

The setting itself will undoubtedly ring true for many Malaysians who have felt the pressure from family to marry, who have dealt with guilt trips and underhandedness in order to preserve the family line.

The plot is solid, moving from ridiculous to funny to poignant, at times, but it is truly Van Driessen, and the voice, that carries the songs to new and interesting heights under the precise direction Christopher Ling.

I always enjoy Ling’s vibrant direction which typically employs simplistic sets with fast paced movement in and out by the actors, seamlessly connecting the scenes. The cast was energetic and clearly enjoying themselves. That makes a big difference for the audience.

Upbeat music. Witty dialogue. A storyline that Malaysians can relate to.

And that VOICE! Go enjoy an entertaining night at the theatre!

“Marrying Me” ended its run at PenangPAC on Sunday, but is coming to KLPAC starting December 13. 


marrying me

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