“Boardwalk Melody: The Musical” – Here we go!

I’m privileged to work with an amazing group of high school kids who love the dramatic arts. Thursday, we start the production phase of our original, full-length musical “Boardwalk Melody.”

The writing phase ended in December. Well, I should make a few qualifications. The book part of the musical if finished; I wrote that with a group of five student writers. The musical portion of it still has a ways to go. We have recorded vocal samples of all the original songs, but we still need to record them into performance tracks for practice. Then, we need to make the musical scores so we can have live music. We have about another 6 weeks to get this all done.

Thursday, we have our first cast read-through – always a fun time, and then next week we start rehearsals for dancing, singing, and acting.

We have three shows booked at PenangPAC in May for our debut.

Style-wise, I wanted to create a musical that would hearken back to the golden area of musicals. The music has some classic show-tunes and fun, jazzy numbers. No rock.

The story is fun, and extremely funny. We have some really great, well-developed characters and a neatly wrapped ending.

I purposefully wanted a feel-good musical. And we did it. Can’t wait to get started.

Then next year we’ll go dark and tragic, perhaps.

Much more on this later!

Boardwalk Melody

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