In some ways, Singapore is the anti-Asia. But only in some ways.

It’s clean. It’s extremely functional. You could live in their airport and be quite happy. It’s orderly. Did I mention that it’s clean?

It’s like a beautifully developed city-state that just works.

Sparkling malls. Manicured lawns. Beautiful parks. One of the nicest zoos in the world. Large amusement parks. And it’s clean.

I remember the first time I want to Singapore. My wife and I flew from Hanoi for a few days, and Singapore could not have felt further away from dusty, chaotic Hanoi.

We felt like we had stepped into an alternate universe for a while. And then some friends picked us up and took us to the waterfront for the amazing, Singaporean chili crab. Oh my, I was in love. Luscious, large, whole crabs smothered in a thick chili sauce, served with deep fried bread for tipping. Wow! This alone was enough to make it onto my top ten list.

Good food, great shopping, excellent transportation, and cleanliness.

Singapore makes the top 10!

Let’s review the top-10 so far:

10. Malacca, Malaysia

9. Chiang Mai, Thailand

8. Singapore

7. ?????


  1. After a 4 year stint in a continually dry Saudi Arabia, Singapore is where I saw RAIN (start of the Monsoon Season) – I was so excited, I had the Taxi stop, got out and got SOAKING WET – the kind Taxi Driver asked me where I’d just come from and when I told him he just smiled and said – WELCOME to SingaPOUR LOL, then let me get back in and took me to my Hotel đŸ˜€

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