Round Table Chat with Annamaria Bazzi

I recently had a wonderfully fun Round Table Chat with Annamaria concerning a wide variety of topics – writing – characterization – my latest novel – and other tales of a more whimsical nature. Please head over to her site and check it out. It was very well done and exceedingly enjoyable for me. I’ll post an excerpt below. I hope you like it.


Annamaria – I love to write and started writing when I was about eight years old, wrote my first novels by the age of sixteen, and to my heartache lost the novel when I moved from Michigan to Virginia. Then real life happened and I raise four daughters and one husband. Now I’m back to writing novels.

Students? Are you a teacher during your daytime life?

Mark – Oh, I feel your pain. To lose writing, well, it makes me want to dig into that banana bread. And I tell everyone I meet now that writes to make sure everything is backed up automatically off-site! OK, enough of that. Yes, I am a high school social studies and drama teacher – a strange combination, I know. I never do the conventional. I was an English major that began teaching social studies. But I’ve gotten heavily involved in drama these past few years, and I love it! Are you a theatergoer?

Annamaria – I hate to say it, but no. I love ballet and opera, I love to see musicals, but have never been to see a play. Maybe one of yours will entice me to go. By the way, what kind of plays do you write with your students?

Mark – Never seen a play? May I borrow that butter knife to stab myself and fall dramatically onto the ground? Better yet, I’ll use it on my next croissant. Anyways, the plays we write are quite varied. We did a wonderfully funny comedy last year called “Grandparents’ War” and this year we are staging a full-fledged original musical called “Boardwalk Melody.” I love musicals, too, but this one may be the last one I ever produce! They are so much work, but it always pays off at the end. We’ll be performing at the Penang Performing Arts Centre in May, so if you have your Malaysian vacation booked, you really should stop in and see it.

Annamaria – I think it’s time I get my passport in order… boy that’s going to be a long plane ride! I’ll need to pack a lot of Dramamine. I’m sure musicals are very hard work to produce, with the singing and dancing on top of the acting. I bet you need a lot of patience to produce them.

You’ve also said you’ve written a novel or three, is that right? What are they about? What genre do you enjoy writing?

Mark – Is the Dramamine for the dancing or the plane ride? Both? OK.

Annamaria – Um! I guess I could try it for the dancing also…

Read the entire chat HERE!


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