Any type of creative artist is concerned with the proper usage of his or her works. No one wants their works to be reproduced or used without proper permission and attribution.

Creative Commons is a not-for-profit organization which gives simple instructions for authors and artists of all kinds to determine which type of license that you want on your creative work. Then, using their easily understood symbols, anyone in the general public can know how your work can be used.

creative commons

For example, the symbol above means the following:

cc = this work is under copyright

person = attribution must be given to the author if you use it

dollar sign = this work cannot be used for commercial purposes

equal sign = this means the work cannot be changed

Creative Commons has six different licenses which you can choose from to display on your creative work. They can also give you the correct symbol if you want to put your work in the public domain.

With the sheer volume of digital works floating around the Internet, Creative Commons licensing can bring some clarity and direction to those who may want to use or access your work for a variety of purposes. You can see the different licences or read more about their work at the link below.

Creative Commons Licenses


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