Boardwalk Melody: The Story

My original musical, “Boardwalk Melody”, which I wrote with several students, is currently in production and will debut at PenangPAC on May 23. I thought I would outline the story behind the musical. It’s going to be great fun!

Fisherman Frederick has been chasing Minnie, the ice cream lady, for the last thirty years. She has stubbornly refused him repeatedly, but he has never given up on the love of his life.

Benedict runs a dying tourist agency on Summerville’s boardwalk. He has a cynical view of life and the ladies, content to keep himself busy with his work. Benedict’s aunt Gert rents out the shop next door to an ambitious young feminist, who has her mind set on revolutionizing the swimwear industry. Benedict and Amelia immediately clash, and in a wonderfully fun song called “Chairman Mao”, Benedict accuses Amelia of being a communist and Amelia accused Benedict of being a male chauvinist.

This intense sexist standoff on the boardwalk gives Frederick an idea. He bets Minnie that he can make Benedict and Amelia fall in love with each other. And if he does, she has to go out on a real date with him. Minnie scoffs at the idea but accepts the challenge. And with a nod to “Much Ado About Nothing” the two start scheming behind each others backs, one trying to force the opposites Amelia and Benedict to attract and the other trying to make sure they will continue to hate each other.

The show has 15 original songs, great choreographed dance numbers, and a wonderful cast of nineteen. It’s the biggest show I have ever produced, but I am so excited with how it’s coming together.

boardwalk melody poster 1


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