Penang vs. Kuala Lumpur

I was in KL over the weekend at a softball tournament. Every trip to KL convinces me how happy I am to be living in Penang.


OK, let’s play the Penang vs. KL comparison game:

Urban sprawl: Advantage KL

Cool Twin Towers: AdvantageKL

Time spent in traffic: Advantage KL

Arts & Entertainment: Advantage KL

Malls: Advantage KL (according to my daughter)

Heritage: Advantage Penang

Food: Advantage Penang

Cultural experiences: Advantage Penang

Scenery, Ocean, Getaways, Hiking, Biking: Advantage Penang

The heart of Malaysia’s trendy art scene, including live theatre, which I love, is most definitely KL. But in every other category that is important to me, I would take Penang any and every day of the week.

So if you can only visit one, make your decision carefully.



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