Review: Sinbad The Musical @ penangpac

I took a whole crew of high schoolers to see Sinbad: The Musical for its second show at penangpac, and we all had a great time!

Isn’t that enough of a review right there? The theatre is supposed to be fun, but sometimes we tend to make it all so serious, dark, artistic, cutting-edge, and not family friendly. I like all kinds of theatrical productions, even those which use the above adjectives. However, it’s nice to be able to take your kid to a show without having them close their eyes or wad their ears with cotton. And that is what Sinbad: The Musical provides – an entertaining night out for the whole family.

The story itself is simple. Sinbad the sailor arrives in port to find the whole village under the spell of an evil vizier. He, of course, falls in love with the princess and becomes the hero to save the day. It’s nothing we haven’t seen or heard before.

However, the production works well on many levels. The set is fantastic and the choreographed scenes are visually fun and exciting. The costumes are dazzling and the songs are upbeat and interesting. I especially liked the very tight direction. The scene transitions were excellent which helps move the story along at a very good pace.

This Actors’ Studio production, in collaboration with Australia, will be running at penangpac until May 11.

Please go take your family to enjoy a fun night out and support the Malaysian theatre. It’s not often that you will get to see such a large production in Penang, so catch it while you can!

Running Time: 2 hours with Intermission



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