Some weeks are bigger than others. This one’s a big one.

Tuesday, May 13 marks quite a milestone in my marriage as we will be celebrating our silver anniversary. I know it’s cliche to say, “Where did the time go?” or “It’s so hard to believe.” But sometimes cliches say it all – I truly don’t know where the time went, and it absolutely is incredibly hard to believe.

In honor of this important week, I’d like to highlight a lot of items on the agenda for the next two weeks. It truly is an exciting time for me.

Wed, May 14 – I’ll be releasing for the first time the amazing cover to my third novel – The Reach of the Banyan Tree.  I hope everyone loves the cover as much as I do. Even more importantly, however, is the story itself. I love it. I hope it will find a large readership. Much more on this later.

Thursday, May 15-17 – KINDLE FREE DAYS for The Recluse Storyteller. Looking ahead to the release of novel 3, I would like to expand my readership for my second novel which has been well received but has yet to find its marketing legs. If you could help me spread the word about these three days, I’d be grateful.

Friday, May 23 – My original musical which I wrote in collaboration with my students is making its debut at the Penang Performing Arts Centre. It has been such fun working on this long-term project and now it’s almost here!

Monday, May 26 – Kindle Countdown Deal on my debut novel, Beauty Rising. It will be only 99 cents through June 1.

Thanks for all of your support.

Pressing forward!

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