Live in the Moment and do not be Stressed


We are all busy. Some more than others. I tend to get involved in the things that I am passionate about (such as writing, drama, coaching softball), and all three of these things are very time consuming. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed with one’s other responsibilities like work, family, and general living.

I have recently come to the realization that I’m not busy. I’m happy doing the things I love. There’s a huge difference.

All of us have responsibilities that must get done. The trash. The dishes. Work for food. Taxes. Those are the non-negotiables that life demands action upon. But beyond that is the realm of busyness and stress – if we let it get ahold of us.

In the past, during my drama productions weeks, I would be running around aimlessly, stressed out to the max focusing on all the tasks which need accomplished but not really enjoying the ride. I was too busy to enjoy the process. I refuse to do that anymore.

Now, when people comment on how busy I am this week, I downplay it and say “I’m lucky to be doing what I love.”

And that’s true. What’s the alternative?

I love producing dramas. I love directing young actors. I love seeing our original concept brought to life on stage in front of a live audience. And yes, it requires work – many hours of work. I know tomorrow I’ll be fiddling with lights for 4+ hours. I know I’ll have students who forget their lines and their cues, and I even know that dress rehearsal might be a flop.

But none of that matters. I’m doing what I love, and I hope to give off that passion and love to my young performers so they too can live in the moment and enjoy these fleeting few minutes which pass by so quickly.

So, no, I am not busy. And, no, I am not stressed.

I am lucky and I’m going to enjoy every one of these minutes all weekend long.

(Note to self: Remember this essay next month when your daughter gets married.)

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