Amazon: Ratings and Reviews

If you missed it, and I nearly did, Amazon has added (or is in the process of adding) ratings on products as well as reviews.

I noticed this just yesterday when looking at my books on line. This is what I saw:

Capture recluse ratingI was immediately curious as to what the 39 meant. I had never seen that before. Then I saw this:

Capture beauty rating

Ninety-nine. OK. Time to do some investigating. Amazon says that they are beta testing user ratings. Available now only on some products. What’s interesting in my case is that the ratings show up for my novels only on the paperback page – not on the Kindle page. So Beauty Rising has 99 ratings, and if I click on the stars it does indeed list the break-down for the 99 and not just the 86 reviews.

It will be interesting to see how this goes and how it will ultimately affect an indie author like myself. My first inclination is to think that this can only be a good thing. More ratings, more reviews, more exposure, more presence on Amazon. It’s all good, right?

Here’s hoping so. If anyone has any more information on how Amazon plans to use it and how widespread it will one day be, please let me know.







3 thoughts on “Amazon: Ratings and Reviews

  1. Given Amazon’s history regarding how they refuse to side with Indie’s when we are targeted by total scumbags (Trolls), I doubt this new direction will improve our chances any…

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