Remembering How to Drive in the USA

As I head back to the States for the first time in two years, I have to go through my regular USA driving brush-up ritual so I will be able to successfully make a smooth transition from driving in Malaysia to driving in America. So here are the top ten things I need to remember as I leave Penang and touchdown in New York:

1. Drive on the right side. This is the most basic one. I force everyone who is riding with me those first couple of days to keep saying “right” in a monastic chant.

2. Don’t go through red lights. They are not suggestions.

3. Don’t go through stop signs. They actually have meaning. The meaning is stop.

4. No need to look both ways before I pull out from a green light.

5. Don’t cut off the person in front of me and then avoid looking at them like they don’t exist. This might cause myself to be a victim of a violent crime. This is important to remember.

6. Don’t drive on sidewalks.

7. Do not drive in the middle of two lanes.

8. Lines on the road are actually followed. Stay between them.

9. Use your turn signals.

10. Enjoy the amazing feeling of being on empty roads for miles and miles in front of you. Roll down the window and let the cool evening breeze awaken your senses.

Bonus: Remember how much I love driving in America.


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