I recently decided to retire my first and only novella Spy Blue. I wrote that several years ago after I had co-written the drama “Spy Blue.” When I was in the final editing process of the play, I realized that I liked the story and it would be quite easy to turn it into a novella.

The novella itself turned into a very wooden translation of the play, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it did, however, leave a lot of the story in my imagination. It became evident that writing for drama and writing a story are two very different things. Still, it was a good story with an excellent plot-line so I decided to publish it.

I’m extremely glad I did because it was that activity which brought me to my current status as an indie author. It emboldened me to try something a little more difficult – my first novel, Beauty Rising, which I completed later that year.

Now, in 2014, I’m a very different writer in many respects than I was several years ago. I’ve completed three novels and have put myself out there in the public, trying to build a readership.

Recently, Spy Blue kept coming back to my mind that, perhaps, it isn’t yet finished. Perhaps it is story that deserves “novel” treatment, and so I decided to retire the novella – no longer making it available for purchase. That means that the story itself has worked its way back onto my writing agenda. I’ve even thought that maybe I could expand it so much as to make a trilogy out of it. That is a revolutionary thought for someone like me who writes stand-alone novels. But the Spy Blue story has so many interesting facets that it could seriously be expanded to one extremely long story divided into three parts. I’m excited about the possibilities that exist. This is what being a writer is all about. Getting an idea that excites you and moving it into the planning and writing stage. If I do write a Spy Blue trilogy, it is about three years away because of my other projects I’m working on.

But it’s fun to dream and think about what can be. I just need some more writing time!

I do hope that Spy Blue will live again, but for now, farewell, Blue.



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