A Love Story about a Vietnamese Banyan Tree Twenty Years in the Making

I wrote a guest post for Lovely Reads which just published over the weekend. Here’s the opening and please head on over to Serenity’s site to read the rest about my soon to be released third novel:

A Love Story about a Vietnamese Banyan Tree Twenty Years in the Making


Mark W Sasse

It’s a love story. It’s an adventure. It’s set in Vietnam in two different time periods. And it’s releasing soon.

My third novel, The Reach of the Banyan Tree, is very much a journey of discovery, much like that which my family set out upon in August of 1994. We moved to Vietnam to teach English not knowing that we would stay there for ten years and not knowing how those experiences would be seared forever into our minds and souls.

An extended cross-cultural trip will either eat you alive or change you from the inside out. I’ve seen it happen both ways in peoples’ lives. Luckily, it was the latter for me and that eventually propelled me into an unexpected career as an indie author.

When in Vietnam, my child went to Vietnamese school and learned songs about Ho Chi Minh. Yes, it was rather bizarre for an American family, but we learned to bridge prejudices and come to love the Vietnamese people and their wonderful culture. I learned the language and dove deeply into the fascinating history of Vietnam – especially that of the 20th century.

In my readings I stumbled across the fascinating story of the American O.S.S. team which in 1945 parachuted into what we know as northern Vietnam to help train the Viet Minh rebels in their fight against the Japanese. I thought it would be such an interesting jumping-off point for a novel.

Read the rest here: http://serenityslovelyreads.blogspot.com/2014/06/a-love-story-about-vietnamese-banyan.html


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