New York, unfortunately, has another must-see destination. But its not one to relish with wide-eyed wonder. It’s one to ponder in its solemnity and remember the event that no one could ever forget.

I had the privilege of recently visiting the memorial site and the new museum. The memorial site with its beautiful symmetrical black marble and endless waterfalls is stunning. One could ponder a great deal between the throngs of people who line the perimeter to take pictures. One is also bound to take a few shots of the incomplete Freedom Tower as well.

As you approach the museum, don’t let the long lines or the $24 admission fee scare you away. This is a museum to trying experience. It allows one to relive the moments of horror, to learn many fascinating pieces of the puzzle which may not have been evident, and, ultimately, to pay homage to the victims and brave souls who were caught up in the tragedy.

The museum itself is cavernous, mainly underground, and even has one of the original retaining walls from the south tower as a poignant reminder of what once was. The museum uses audio and video in subtle and effective ways to help tell the stories, here from the survivors, and honor the dead. All of the iconic images are there: the mangled fire trucks, the makeshift flagpole, the iconic steel girder cross.

This is a museum to soak in, where people talk in hushed tones. There is no laughter or even smiling, except at the courageous displays which while awe everyone who witnesses them.

Allow yourself at least 3 hours, but a visitor could easily wander for 5 hours and possibly not take it all in.

The next time you are in New York City, I highly recommend it.

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