Theatre Review: “Evita” @ the Benedum in Pittsburgh

A real treat for theatre enthusiasts is in Pittsburgh this week in the revival of Andrew Lloyd Weber’s and Tim Rice’s “Evita”.

“Evita” chronicles the rise to power and prominence of Eva Duarte who was the driving force behind former Argentine president Juan Peron.

While the historical context of the musical is fascinating, it’s the music and lyrics of Weber and Rice, and the exuberant and spirited performance produced by Pittsburgh’s Civic Light Opera which takes center stage.

The story starts at the death of Eva, the First Lady, at a young age of 33. The masses are mourning their beloved leader who had become a saint-like figure and a symbol of hope for the down-trodden. But enter Che, who and sings the truth about the ambition, greed, and passion which seemed to chase after Eva her entire life. This makes the audience question Eva’s motives, making her a complex and intriguing character.

The entire show is a fascinating character study against the backdrop of soaring vocal numbers, tango-infused dance moves, and passionate intimate scenes between Eva and Juan.

It’s a musical production which reminds us all why we love live theatre – emotion, gripping-storytelling, passionate live music, and human drama. It doesn’t get much better than this.

And it is also hard to beat the beautiful, 2800 seat Benedum Center. Catch it through Sunday if you can.

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