Remembering What I Wrote

Did you ever forget what you have written? Did you ever re-read your writing and wonder where that certain phrase came from? Did you ever amaze yourself and say, ‘I wrote that’?

About six months back I had written about 40,000 words of my next novel. Over the past few months I had probably only revisited it a couple of times because of my extremely busy schedule. This past week I finally got a chance to go back and read through the entire manuscript for the first time since I started it many months ago.

It was a rather strange experience because I actually had forgotten a few of the plot details and so I was intrigued at my own writing, trying to remember where the story was going. It was enthralling, actually. Kind of weird, too. It also reinforced the importance of thoroughly re-reading ones work before starting to write again.

After such a lay-off, there was no way I could have competently continued without a thorough re-reading. Now that I have re-established the novel in my mind, I am ready to continue and, indeed, wrote the first new 500 words of the novel for many months.

Yes, it felt good.

With 40000+ words in the bank and the rest of the chapters somewhat plotted out, I’m ready to finally go for it and get it done. Of course, I won’t know the exact ending until I get there. I like to keep my options open, but I have really enjoyed rediscovering this fun and unique novel. I can’t wait to expound more about to you. All I can say is that it is set in a non-descript country – the country’s name is never spoken, nor is it needed to be. I am using a strict, third person limited narration for the very first time. It adds an extremely unique dynamic to the story. What this kind of story-telling does is to make it a character study – and my fourth novel definitely is that.

I think the title and even cover are somewhat settled, but I’m still a ways off from wanting to reveal anything at this point. But I’m very excited that novel four is well within grasp and is set to release sometime in 2015.


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