Creative Writing: The Tried and True becomes the Tried and New

There is nothing new under the sun. No new plots to uncover. No new experiences to be told about. Creativity is in the realm of re-hashing the common and already told into a refreshing and new take. Creativity is taking that situation and putting your unique twist on it that only you could have created.

I was pondering this the other day as I began writing a short play about a billionaire who died and the family is gathered together to hear the reading of the will.

How many times have you seen that scenario displayed? Plenty.

So why would I want to tackle it anew?

Because I have never done it. I will bring my own ideas, my own characters and their quirky traits, my own specific situation, and my own purpose. The stated scenario may seem bland, but the little comedy that I wrote will be anything but.

And that’s really what I love about creativity. Finding that nugget which has yet to be unearthed in a common scenario.

I had mentioned this before on this blog of how I had been afraid to be a writer because I felt that everything had already been written – that if I could think of something then someone else had already thought of it and probably written it better than me.

Well, that was foolish thinking, really. I had a friend in college where we would pick a word or theme and then write a poem about it with the purpose of seeing how different they would end up being from each other.

Of course they were day and night. And that’s a beautiful reality for a writer.

I’ve been encouraged not to stay away from the tried and true because in the hands of a creative soul, the tried and true becomes the tried and new.

Keep creating everyone!

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