Giveaways and Stuff! (Basically ways to get free things)

I just wanted to highlight some giveaways that I am currently participating in. First, the free books:

First, if you are in the United States, you can win a free PAPERBACK signed copy of my second novel The Recluse Storyteller on Goodreads. Sign up to win until August 2.  Here’s the link: The Recluse Storyteller Giveaway

Next, I am giving away TWO signed copies of my new release The Reach of the Banyan Tree in paperback on Goodreads. Available for those in the US. Also until August 2. Here’s the link: The Reach of the Banyan Tree GIVEAWAY

And, if you live in Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, or Singapore, you can win a signed paperback copy of my debut novel, Beauty Rising, until August 1. Also on Goodreads. Here’s the link: Beauty Rising GIVEAWAY

And finally, you have ONE MORE DAY to win a KINDLE FIRE or AMAZON GIFT CARD while also promoting my book by entering the contest on THEKINDLEBOOKREVIEW. Here’s the link: KINDLE FIRE CONTEST

Good luck, everyone, and thanks for the support.



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