Well, I’m finally getting around to posting a few photos of my book event in Jamestown last month. It was a small but lively crew that attended, and we all had a great time. First of all, look at the amazing, lovely room that held my reading.2014-07-11 17.39.02


This room is filled with these amazing original painting from the 19th century which were collected by Mrs. Prendergast – the library’s original beneficiary. The librarian dared say how much the collection is worth these days, but no doubt in the millions. I especially liked it because if I started to bore anyone, they at least would have something interesting to look like.

Here I am in the middle of a riveting scene from The Reach of the Banyan Tree. I don’t think anyone is sleeping.

2014-07-11 18.17.26 2014-07-11 18.17.53

Thanks, Jamestown, for the support. I had a great time. Let’s do it again in the future.



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