I clearly don’t know how to write ad copy yet.

I wrote this ad for Goodreads: “Please read my book. It’s very boring. It’s got three, two-star reviews.”

Okay, that’s not exactly the wording, but the effect of the actual ad that I wrote would have been the same.

I’ve dabbled in Goodreads Self-Advertising a time or two with mixed results. I’ve gotten plenty of clicks in the past for ad copy I have written, but for this new ad, zero clicks stacked upon zero clicks, followed up by zero clicks.

Yes, it must be the worst ad in the history of the world. No, I won’t post the actual copy. I’d be too embarrassed.

Well, I finally had time to change the wording. I completely got rid of every consonant, syllable, or vowel which was remotely associated with the first ad. So, hopefully, things will start clicking.

These are the small, challenging things about being an indie author. Where to advertise? And after the ‘where’ is decided, how to advertise? All the decisions, all the planning, all the time, all the strategy is up to me. It’s a lot to take on, and really the major challenge that indie authors face.

Writing stories is the easy part.

Writing ad copy and managing all the other stresses of promoting ones work is the difficult part.

But the fact remains, the promoting is just as important as the writing, unless your purpose for writing is only to produce pages of words in which to line the walls of your reclusive writer’s cave. (and my wife’s not going for that)

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