A couple days ago I posted how I had written a Goodreads ad which, at the time, had not received even one click after a couple weeks of being in circulation. It takes special talent to write an ad that poorly. I feel honored.

Well, as an update, my new ad just started in circulation and, yes, wait for it, it already has ONE CLICK. I feel like I belong on Madison Avenue. I’m going to sell millions of copies, aren’t I?

Sometimes you are asleep at the wheel and don’t realize how bad you have performed. You need perspective, and an objective point of view.

Well, Goodreads whacked me over the head and I realized I can’t be lackadaisical in how I approach my promotion. Indie authors can’t afford that. They have to be purpose-driven (is that a trademark) and thoughtfully planned out.

But sometimes when you are in the midst of a busy week and you have so many things going on, an indie author is apt to let the little things slide by. It may hurt, but, luckily, there is always time to correct, change, adapt, and do better.

Keep striving for perfection, whether you hit it or not is not relevant.

It’s the aim that is important.

So what. My aim was a little off for a while. It has been corrected, and I’m ready to move on and conquer the next aspect of my fledgling career.

Here’s to indie authors! Keep the faith!



    1. You are absolutely right. But I keep reminding myself, just keep at it. Be consistent. Don’t give up! It sounds so formulaic, but I truly believe that consistency and effort will pay off in the long run. And if not, I’m still having a blast writing!

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