Review of Banyan Tree from KindleBookReview!

Marilou George, a book reviewer for The Kindle Book Review, just posted her thoughts on The Reach of the Banyan Tree on her blog “Confessions of a Reader”.

Here are a couple excerpts, but I do hope you’ll read the whole review on her website at the link below:

Mark W. Sasse is one of my favorite Authors, and his new book ‘The Reach of the Banyan Tree’ is a stunningly written and deeply moving story. It takes place in Vietnam, where he lived for ten years, and his writing reflects his passion and respect for the country and its people. He weaves his extensive knowledge of Vietnam and the splendor of the countryside into his writing, as he did in ‘Beauty Rising;’ and with such vivid narratives, I could see the story unfolding in my mind. I love the compassion and complexity he puts into his writing. He has the ability to weave together a complex story filled with emotion and beauty, as well as hardship and turmoil.”


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