Advertisements from Harper’s Weekly 1865

I came across this page (click link below) from Harper’s Weekly from November 1865. It’s absolutely fascinating to see how life has changed. The political cartoon is amazingly candid about race attitudes after the war, which, of course, is not surprising. The rest of the page is mainly advertisements which are a real hoot! Here are a few of the ones I liked the most. Can you figure out what these mean?

“Ladies paper collars and cuffs”  (no comment)

“Relief for Dyspeptics”  (Sometimes I need this)

“Phalon’s Night Blooming Cereus”  (Ok, I have no idea what they are selling.)

“Smolander’s compound extract of Bucku”  (I’ve always wanted beau-coop extract. Maybe I misunderstood)

“Fragrant Sozodont for the Teeth”  (If your teeth ever smell.)

“Unfeeble and delicate constitutions” (I don’t think they are talking about Thailand.)

“Magic Ruffle Company” (They are not selling magical potato chips.)

(Note: the link below will bring you to the political cartoon caption. Click on the image at the left to see the full page of the newspaper. Thanks.)

Harper’s Weekly 1865 HERE – NEW LINK


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