“Judgment is corny.” No, that statement is corny.

I came across an article which listed out some of the most misogynistic rap lyrics which have ever been written. I’m sure you know the names of the rappers. All the big ones and more I’ve never heard of, but that’s not a big surprise. The music industry celebrities are far off of my radar. But I hear things, and I understand the type of talk which is pervasive, and even glorified, in America. Not all hip-hop stars use those kind of slurs, but they aren’t hard to find.

In the article, after listing out these horrific lyrics which, sadly, constantly graze the ears of our youngsters, the author of the article said, “Judgment is corny, but examining the cultural forces which shape our perceptions and actions is essential.”

I’m sorry, but that’s silly.

Judgment is not only not corny, it is essential in teaching our kids the difference between right and wrong. Oh wait, you think right and wrong is corny too?

Well, relative thoughts about right and wrong truly are corny because whether we want to admit it or not, we all know when someone has done something wrong – like threatening to beat up or sexually assault a woman. Wait, where did I just hear that? Oh yes, in those lyrics I mentioned above.

Though I believe the author of that article had good intentions, it does no one any good at all to dance around an issue so as not to offend anyone or, for heaven’s sake, make a judgment about someone’s behavior.

For me it’s clear.

Lyrics written for the purpose of glorifying violence against women are wrong.

Lyrics written for the purpose of sexually objectifying women are wrong.

Lyrics written for the purpose of calling women whores and sluts are wrong.

Why do we continually tolerate this? Why do we let the youth of America spend their money on concerts, music, and merchandise that promote this type of behavior/

If the music you are blaring through your headphones would not be welcome in your house if it was playing through your family’s stereo, then why are you letting it rattle around in your head. Hey teens, does your mother know what you are listening to?

Call me old fashioned, but I think women should be treated with respect. I think young men should be taught that women are not objects to be thought of and spoken about in such flippant terms.

I don’t want to shut down speech. I’m in favor of all speech. The more the better! But all speech is not to be judged equally. Just because someone has a right to say something doesn’t mean they won’t or shouldn’t be criticized for it.

There are true heroes and people to be admired in this world, but those who use misogynistic slurs are not among those whom I would look up to. Sadly, there are millionaires who live high and mighty off lyrics like that.

And, yes, there are plenty of female performers who also perpetuate the stereotype that women are objects – insert a picture of Miley Cyrus into your mind. No, sorry. Please don’t. On a side note, you may have heard that the Dominican Republic cancelled her show because they (gosh) made a judgment that what she represents is not for them. Good for them!

There is plenty of good music of all genres (including rap and hip-hop) out there. Choose some that would make your mother and all the female influences in your life proud. Someday it will make a big difference.

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