My latest novel, The Reach of the Banyan Tree, has been released for about two months now. I’ve been fortunate enough to garner some good reviews (with quite a few more reviews still on the way), so it’s time to have the book’s first major promotion.

Starting September 4, it will be on a Kindle Countdown Deal – 72 hours at $0.99 and another 72 hours at $1.99 until it resettles into it’s regular price of $2.99.

This is the first time this book has ever been offered at a price below $2.99, so I’m hoping to get the word out to as many readers as possible.

I’ve decided, that for the time being, I’m going all out with Amazon to see what happens. Currently all three of my novels are on KDP. There are, perhaps, some drawbacks to this. My second novel was originally published widely on B&N and Smashwords in addition to Amazon and, frankly, the sales were underwhelming. This is not to say that the day of wide publication will not come again for me. I’m sure it will, but for now it’s just me and the big “A.”

So here’s to full-bore, headlong, all-in to this week’s promotion.

Any tweet, share, or word-of-mouth that you can muster would be greatly appreciated. As soon as the deal goes live on September 4, I’ll post my first promotion.

The Reach of the Banyan Tree

September 4-6 $0.99

September 7-9 $1.99

Here’s the book’s link: Banyan Tree on Amazon


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