Wrapping up Short & Sweet: Best Script

I had a lot of fun this week seeing my script, “A Pinch of Fate, A Shot of Destiny”, come to life on stage at Short & Sweet Theatre Festival Penang.

And for the second straight year, I was honored to walk away with the award for BEST SCRIPT. Last year I won it for my short play “No in Spite of Itself”. Winning is, of course, great. It feels good, but I was even prouder to see four of my drama kids wow the audience with their skills this week.

How does the event work? Scripts are submitted anonymously. Ten of them are short-listed for production. Directors choose which script to direct, and they are responsible for their own production. The performances run for four straight nights. A different set of judges related to the field of the performing arts come each night and choose their choice for best director, best production, best acting, and best script.

After four nights the votes are tallied and the winners are announced. It means a lot to a script I have written to be recognized by peers in the field to be the best of the group. And winning the award for best script two years in a row is quite unexpected.

It’s a fun event. Great for networking with others who love theatre as much as I do.

I should probably post some photos:

Here I am with my daughter and Kirk who both performed all week.2014-09-06 22.56.41 Here I am with Ysabel, another of my wonderful drama students. She won the awesome Festival Director’s Award for best up-and-coming talent for both her writing and acting abilities. She acted wonderfully in the production of the script I wrote, and she wrote a script called “The Revenge of the Ugly Stepsisters” which won the awards Best Overall Production and Best Glitz and Glamour. 2014-09-06 23.00.20 What could be in this envelop? A cash prize, perhaps?2014-09-06 23.20.57 Look at all these goodies in the awards basket donated by the sponsors!2014-09-06 23.24.30 OK. I think maybe I’m just showing off here.2014-09-06 23.26.07 And the very cool trophy for best script.2014-09-06 23.27.10Maybe we should do it again next year!



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