Another reason to love Malaysia: Happy Malaysia Day!

Malaysia has so many holidays. What’s not to love? We just celebrated Independence Day on September 1st and now, on Sept 16, let’s have another one: Malaysia Day! This is the day that Malaysia celebrates the joining of East Malaysia (Sarawak & Sabah) with the peninsular West Malaysia, thus joining together in beautiful harmony.

Any snooty, work-to-much, driven society like that United States probably would have combined two holidays such as this into one, catch-all, monochrome holiday like Malaysia Independence and Conjoining Day, or something like that. Look how the US ruined two perfectly good holidays – Washington’s Birthday and Lincoln’s Birthday and put them together into a bland President’s Day. Malaysia would never do something silly like that, and I, for one, and very glad. Having a random Tuesday off is quite awesome. Here’s what I did:

Walking across the dam at Telok Bahang.2014-09-16 11.48.37

Picnic by the reservoir. There’s a stray chip down there.2014-09-16 12.06.52

Even after all the rain lately, the reservoir is really low. What’s up with that?
2014-09-16 12.30.53

And some blissful writing by the beach at Hard Rock.2014-09-16 14.25.20Thank you, Malaysia, for having a day and inviting me to enjoy it!


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