How can a government send the wrong message? Have the department of agriculture buy machine guns.

You may have seen the different news stories going around about the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) procuring a shipment of machine guns.

Does anything else even need to be said?

Are those rambunctious artichokes on the march again?

Has the kale forest claimed suzerainty against the kingdom of cabbage?

Perhaps my examples are a little over the top as one of the USDA spokesman confirmed that the USDA has officials who are basically policemen, and they oversee a variety of disputes.

Again, does anything else even need to be said?

The USDA has “policemen”? Why? If the vegetables aren’t getting out of hand, I take it that it must be for those unwieldy farmers who are using land in inappropriate ways or who are falsifying loans or ??? Or what?

And aren’t there other people who have jurisdiction over law-breakers?  The police, perhaps?  The local sheriff?  Oh, you say you need someone with federal authority? How about a US Marshal? FBI? How many other government agencies? Perhaps we can get the NSA to intercept emails from farmers, or maybe we can fly drones over the farmers properties and if they fail to comply to the ever expanding rules of government, you can just blast their spinach to kingdom come!

But none of the above really matters. It’s not about sub-machine guns or even the USDA. The real issue, in my estimation, is quite simple. The federal government continues to send the wrong message to the American people. The recent issues of the Ferguson, MO shooting and looting brought home that point to us all very plainly. Many people distrust authority for a variety of reasons. Some of that mistrust is unfounded. The vast majority of the law-enforcers in America want to treat people well, and want the people to know that they have the citizens’ backs. But it’s sometimes hard for the message to get through when we continue to hear about the arming and re-arming of the federal government. Just last year there was a big hullabaloo over the Department of Homeland Security buying 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition. Ahhh, that’s a lot. There have been plenty of criticism of the US Government selling military grade weaponry to local law enforcement. And now even the USDA is getting into the act with sub-machine guns.

There are plenty layers of existing law enforcement to take care of every law-breaking matter in the country. It really isn’t necessary to have the USDA and many other agencies “militarize” their ranks as well.

My wish is that the government would begin to peel back the layers of overlapping security that makes America feel slightly more like a police-state than it did the year before. Don’t get me wrong, one of the basic functions of government is law and order. It’s necessary and the government needs to have the means in which to uphold law and create order out of chaos.

But when we start heavily arming individuals in charge of agricultural oversight, we’ve gone too far. And it starts to send the wrong message.



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