Thanks for Stopping by: Best Blog Month Ever!

I just want to thanks to all those who have popped over to the blog this past month. September was the best blog month ever for both visitors and views. I have greatly appreciated the comments, likes, and shares from many of you.

Who knew blogging could be so much fun?

I really do it for myself. Writing about my writing helps me with my writing. Writing about history helps me remember my history. Writing about drama just makes me happy. And having an outlet to write about life in general is sometimes therapeutic. But when any of it connects with anyone else in anyway at all, that’s even cooler!

I’m sure there will be lots more about Writing. History. Drama. Culture. Life. in the future.

I think I need to do some giveaways on here, too. Okay, let me work that out.

In the meantime, thanks for stopping by.

You are an encouragement to me in all of my writing endeavors.


Here’s another beach and palm tree photo. I can never get enough. It’s my writing inspiration. (I guess I should have said pine tree.)2014-09-16 14.25.20

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