Have you ever been in such a good creative patch that you are overflowing with ideas and not enough time to accomplish them all?

Relish those days.

That’s what I keep telling myself. I am currently overflowing with ideas. I’ve started to map out my drama writing 13 months in advance because I’m producing too much work than I can actually use for the moment. What an amazing problem!

And my novel writing, I have #4 being read by some advance readers ahead of a 2015 release, and I’m 15,000 words into #5 with ideas for #6 and #7 just sitting impatiently in my brain.

I remember a few months ago over the summer that I felt my writing creativity was in a slump. I had an impending deadline for some short dramatic pieces, and I had to really slosh through, and muddle my way around until the necessary scripts came to fruition.

But more recently, when I’ve been swamped with work, I’ve been approached and asked to write a couple scripts (ASAP) for some competitions. Both times, within a day, I had produced two very solid scripts that thrilled the people who needed them. The ideas were just in the forefront of my mind and the words flowed without impediment.

Here’s a key and something that really helps. WRITE DOWN IDEAS! No matter how big or small or no matter when they come to you. Words, phrases, titles, situations, just write them down. When I need an idea, that is the first place I go to.

Example. I started writing a short musical about a month ago, but I set it aside recently. When a person approached me this week about needing a duet act, I immediately thought about the musical and wondered if I could re-work the scenario as a theatrical piece without music. I kept the overall setting, changed the characters and situation, and it worked beautifully.

One idea playing off another. If I hadn’t written down the first one, the second one would not have turned out so well.

I strongly encourage all writers to keep a running list of ideas which will serve you well in the future, and it will help avoid being completely idea-less in the future when your creativity goes through a difficult period.


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